About us

Why the name “Trinity Canton?”

Trinity Canton Church is purposefully informal, spiritual, and service-oriented.  Our name reflects our sense of purpose and power. We week to serve Manhattan (“Canton” being an historical reference to one of Manhattan’s founding settlements), trusting in the good news of the faithfulness of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit (hence “Trinity” in our name!).

Who’s who?

Justin Kastner – pastor (justin@trinitycantonchurch.org)

Susan Schnieders – director of ministry operations (susan@trinitycantonchurch.org)

Patrick Schnieders – director of spiritual formation (patrick@trinitycantonchurch.org)

Greg Dillon – churchwarden/administrator (greg@trinitycantonchurch.org)

Vestry (governing body) members: Colleen, Susie, Bridgett, Patrick, Justin, and Greg (ex-officio)