Easter 2020

For our generation, this year’s Easter season is, in a word, unprecedented.  As we comply with stay-at-home orders, practice social distancing, and wonder “what’s next,” it is good to be reminded of several “words of comfort” from the scriptures.  Justin, in a series of recordings, invites you to explore these comforting–or “comfortable”–words:

Part 1: “Rest” (Jesus, in Matthew 11:28)

Part 2: “Love” (Jesus, in John 3:16)

Part 3: “Saving from sin” (1 Timothy 1:15)

(In the recording below, Justin refers to the amazing resource, The Visual Commentary on Scripture (VCS), and, in particular, an insightful and relevant VCS commentary.  Be sure to check out the VCS!

Part 4: (Saturday evening, 11 April, at 5:30pm via Zoom)